Friday, August 24, 2007


Neither is a fair characterization of the alternatives. But the Bush administration mocks the Democrats for either their failure to have any plan regarding Iraq or their proposals for troop withdrawals. The administration (always better at devising advertising slogans rather than actually governing) characterizes the Democratic plan as "Cut and Run", and now points to the consequences of leaving Vietnam, citing the killings that followed our withdrawal.

No one can quarrel with the noble goal that we should attempt to combat the senseless killings of mass numbers of civilians wherever it should occur. But in deciding when and where to intervene, as part of the equation we must calculate how much we are willing to sacrifice. What would have been the cost in lives and wounded if we had remained in Vietnam? No one asks this President: How many American deaths, disabilities and dollars are you willing to expend in this elusive goal of bringing peace and democracy to Iraq?

The administration's position conjures up this analogy for me: Arsonists (the Administration) start fire to a building, and residents and firefighters are killed. When it appears that the building is about to collapse causing further deaths to both groups, the Arsonists (the Administration) who caused the fire in the first place, take their megaphones to the streets and shout at the spectators (the Democrats): "What are you going to do about this?"

Because of the quagmire that this President has created, there may be no adequate solution, but when the Democrats respond with a variety of proposals, only this Administration could say with a straight face-----that proposals to bring the troops home to safety put them in harm's way, while keeping them in Iraq indefinitely---does not!