Thursday, May 8, 2008


Rush Limbaugh has created Operation Chaos and is gleefully pronouncing its success. Its avowed purpose is to create disruption in the Democratic primaries by urging Republicans to cross-over and vote for Hillary Clinton, and thus extend the length and cost of the contest and erode Barack Obama's candidacy. The media and the pundits have focused on whether or not the tactic has been successful as its creator proclaims, but strangely, no one seems to be offended by this obvious attempt to subvert not only the Democratic elections but the democratic process as well.

What he has proposed is probably not illegal and undoubtedly constitutes protected speech, but isn't there something inherently wrong with using the airwaves to encourage millions of potential voters to engage in "dirty tricks", because that is all this really is. Republican voters are being asked to cast votes, not for the person of their choice, but merely to subvert the nominating process for the opposing party. Discussions of whether or not he has been successful are besides the point. For someone who purports to represent the conservative viewpoint and principles in this country, apparently respect for the democratic process is not on the list.