Saturday, January 5, 2008


The Democrats, after receiving a clear mandate from the people, (among their priorities) chose to alienate two of our few remaining and most important allies, by condemning the Turks for their treatment of the Armenians about 100 years ago and the Japanese for their treatment of women about 50 years ago. Although the condemnations may be fully justified, the timing is mystifying. Now, following some of the most inspiring moments in our political history arising from the Iowa caucuses, Congress has decided to take up the burning issue of whether Roger Clemens or Brian McNamee is telling the truth about Clemens' steroid use.

While the candidates seeking the country's highest office are debating terrorism, health care, poverty, the environment and education, those in office are seeking to determine whether or not a baseball pitcher's earned run average should receive an asterisk! And while on the subject, although I have the greatest respect for Sen. Mitchell, should there not be greater outrage that one person has investigated, convicted, punished and destroyed the reputations of an entire group of persons without charges, a hearing or a trial? The only thing missing seems to be waterboarding.

But, in any event, certainly his report has furnished all of the information that anyone, including Congress, could possibly need or want on the subject. I suspect that if the scheduled baseball hearings were sans video, a number of committee members might find the need to attend to more pressing matters.


Anonymous said...

Judge, Great to have you posting again. I very much missed your wit and wisdom. Please continue. Harvey

H. Lee Sarokin said...

Thank you Harvey. It is good to be back.

Anonymous said...

With all due respect, I think the posts such as this illustrates the biggest problem that the progressives in our country have in this day and age -- we are so fixated on making the political advances (such as winning back the White House) that some of us now even doubt whether we did the right thing when we did what must be done to uphold the greater values of the human rights. I sincerely hope that the one and only reason why you made the remark about pissing off our "allies" in Turkey and Japan is that you are thoroughly ignorant of the war crimes that past regimes of these countries have committed, for if that's the case your ignorance would be the only problem you'd need to deal with.

H. Lee Sarokin said...

I plead ignorance to a lot of things, but not the war crimes of either Japan or Turkey. Indeed, I said that the condemnations were fully justified. I only questioned the timing.